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  • Pure: An evening of conversation about mental health

    I’m looking forward to joining an array of wonderful speakers at author Rose Cartwright’s upcoming event on mental health.

  • Get-Together Report

    In October 2018 I was commissioned by Axisweb to run a one day symposium for socially engaged artists interested in arts & health.

  • Arts & Health Hub

    An online and offline platform for artists interested in arts & health to connect, learn and support one another.

  • Exposure Gallery: I Want to Live

    I’ve teamed up with The Photography Movement to be a part of a programme of exhibitions called TPM Exposed at Exposure Gallery, London.

  • BBC News

    My work Threshold was recently covered by BBC News.

  • Exhibition: HOOKED!

    HOOKED opens on 21st September as part of Science Gallery London’s preview weekend.

  • The Two of Us

    I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on Naomi Woddis’ radio show The Two of Us.

  • Exhibition: Our Future Likes

    Our Future Likes explores the complexities of the lives we live on and off line and ways it can be damaging to our mental health.

  • Bethlem Museum

    On September 1st I’ll be giving a talk about my practice, in particular the I Want to Live project, at Bethlem Museum.

  • Life. Death. Whatever

    On October 1st I’ll be talking about my work and in particular the I Want to Live project as a part of Life. Death. Whatever’s event WE NEED TO TALK.