Inside Out

Under my umbrella I’ve organised the event Inside Out, uniting four visual artists working to bring an understanding of our inner experiences to the surface through photography and film. Join Paloma Tendero, Antonia Attwood, Celine Marchbank and Rhona Eve Clews on a journey into the inner human psyche exploring trauma, genetics, brain chemistry and the inner psychology of the photographic space. This event is part of London’s Creativity & Wellbeing Week.

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Paloma Tendero uses photography and sculpture to look for an interpretation of the co-existence of the healthy and the sick. The work often begins with a photograph of her body, contorted through performance into a sculptural form, and physically overlaid with a knitted or crafted representation of the genetic defect. Image above by Paloma.

Antonia Attwood‘s film explores three different chemicals that create altered moods within the brain. Her film aims to depict feelings created by brain chemicals according to the black and white analysis of physical reactions defined by the current treatment mental health and the confusion felt by the patient.

Celine Marchbank uses photography and writing as a way to cope with the crippling power of grief caused by the death of her mother. Her new work focuses on the journey through her mother’s life, whilst trying to find a way to process the overpowering emotions and attempt to understand them.

Rhona Eve Clews’ work explores the inner psychology of the photographic space, using the physical photograph as a metaphor for the inner workings of the mind. Rhona explores the relationship between psychology, photography and making including her dual roles as a photographer and therapist.

When? 16th June 2016, 7pm — 9pm.

Where? Kentish town health centre, 2 Bartholomew Road, London, NW5 2BX (open map).

How much? It’s free, but please book a ticket.