Image from the Fragmentary series

I’ll be showing 10 images from my Fragmentary series in the IN/DI/VISIBLE exhibition at Bethlem Gallery. Exhibiting alongside David Blandy, Esther Maxwell-Orumbie, Larry Achiampong, Leon B, John M and Mr X.

The exhibition opens on April 7th and runs until 30th June with a number of events running throughout April and May. See the Bethlem Gallery’s website for more details.

The exhibition takes themes within Larry Achiampong and David Blandy’s The Finding Fanon Trilogy, a multi-layered exploration of race, identity and globalisation, as a starting point for an enquiry into subjectivity and art’s potential to offer new ways of being and becoming.

Join invited artists, clinicians and academics to discuss the themes of the exhibition as part of the related programme of talks and events, April – May 2018.