Be Here, Now

Commissioned for FORMAT Photography Festival this exhibition combines stills, film, sound and virtual reality to create an immersive experience exploring the soothing qualities of landscape. Working with artist Antonia Attwood Be Here, Now responds to the theme of ‘habitat’ by examining how different landscapes can offer safety and respite in today’s fast moving world.

During this residency we researched into what constitutes a safe space by asking for anonymous contributions from strangers. Overwhelmingly, the responses focused on the power of nature: the sounds of the sea and water; being in forests and open fields; the therapeutic act of walking or curling up by a warm fire. Our inquiry into how we feel safe or soothed took us on various journeys — recording sights, sounds and light across England. The resulting exhibition is the culmination of these journeys, physically constructed into individual rooms. Viewers are invited to immerse themselves and switch off from the frenetic pace of modern life.

As part of this commission I also delivered a a series of workshops around the theme of safe and soothing spaces. These workshops are designed for people that may experience their own set of difficulties, including adults with mental health difficulties, the elderly and adolescent children on the autistic spectrum.


Three 3m x 3m constructed rooms.
Room 1: 3m wide projection of beach scenes with sound
Room 2: Dual projections of waterfall scenes with sound
Room 3: Five screens (varying sizes) showing nature scenes, with individual soundscapes on headphones
Video clips shown are intro versions. Exhibition videos 30 minutes long each.

Three large scale landscape photographs.
Three VR headsets exploring immersive landscapes.

Relaxation area with beanbags.

Commissioned By:


  • FORMAT Photography Festival 2017

Additional Funding:

  • Arts Council England