Art & Mental Health Forum

I’m co-curating and speaking about my work at the Art & Mental Health Forum event at University of the Arts, as part of the postgraduate community.

Thursday, July 27, 2017
11:45am — 6:00pm

Free, but book a ticket:

Art & Mental Health Forum

This UAL sponsored event is aimed at encouraging and exploring Postgraduate research interests, artistic practices, personal experiences and dialogues related to the arts and mental health. The event provides an initial opportunity to build a sustainable community of creatives interested in all aspects of mental health. The proposed outcome for this forum is for us to develop as a community around our mutual interests and common goals.

The Art and Mental Health Forum is designed to be accessible to artists, students, mental health and wellbeing professionals and the general public. We are interested in inviting experienced professionals, postgraduate artists and researchers to create short presentations about their work or area of interest to a diverse audience. We are also interested in creating a safe space for more personal artist narratives on how ‘mental health’ informs their art practice or vice versa. There will be the opportunity to connect with other creatives during the scheduled lunch and social and networking portion of the event.

Supported by UAL Postgraduate Student Communities of Practice Fund. This event is curated by Jacqui Ennis-Cole and Daniel Regan.